ePainting Lightboxes

Mr. Hirsch now offers limited edition Lightbox ePaintings. Please contact allenhirsch@gmail.com for more info. 
La Esquina presents an exhibit of light boxes on view from November 2016-January 2017. Excerpts from press release:
This November artist Allen Hirsch will be exhibiting a selection of epaintings in the La Esquina cafe @ 201 Lafayette Street in Manhattan  Epaintings is the term Hirsch coins for his digital pictures created on the iPad mostly with his finger. This emphasizes the effect of touch on a glass screen as a vehicle to transmit an artist’s perception and emotion.  Mr. Hirsch has always been fascinated with the transmission thru touch in his non-electronic art, exploring such phenomena as brain hemispheric projections, and inventing techniques like string painting consisting of small dabs of paint on an array of strings emphasizing the transference of intention thru touch.

Most of the images shown are created from scenes inside and outside La Esquina’s unique dining spaces. Hirsch has a particular fancy to the subject: he owns and has been developing the real estate since 2003. He has faithfully translated these electronic images-all “painted” from life on site- into transparent high quality Duratrans mounted on picture quality LED light boxes. This shows the art as it was intended to be seen, as painted scenes of light. He is offering these for the first time via limited editions to the public. Hirsch likes the idea of the light source emanating from within the work of art itself into its surroundings and the cafe exhibit offers a unique opportunity to experience the subject of the paintings: people enjoying the great food and ambiance of La Esquina,  alongside the glowing electronic images filtered through the fingers of one of its most devoted patrons..